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How to make your purchase

The following is a step-by-step guide for making a purchase on Caveman Economics. This guide is primarily written for those who do not make many purchases on the internet and/or do not use Paypal:


Click the link associated with what you are trying to purchase. For this example we will use the annual newsletter subscription.  The image below has a red oval around the orange link for purchase of the newsletter subscription.



Step 2:

When you go the newsletter page, you will see a purple button that allows you to add the newsletter subscription to the cart. The “add-to-cart” button is circled in red in the image below. To continue with the purchase, press this button.



Step 3: 

After you have added the newsletter subscription (or any other item) to the cart, you will get a confirmation message and a link to view the cart. The link is circled below in red. Click the link to view your cart and continue with the purchase.



Step 4:

Now you can view your shopping cart. The shopping cart view shows what items you have selected to purchase. If the item looks right, you would click the “Proceed to Checkout” button circled in red in the image below.



Step 5:

Once you click the “Proceed to Checkout” button, you will be taken to the screen where you will create your Caveman Economics user account and THEN proceed to Paypal to make your payment. This user account is used to access your subscription to the newsletter and other areas of the website. Once you have filled out the requested fields, click the purple “Place Order” button. It is circled in red in the image below. Clicking this button does two things: it finalizes the creation of your Caveman Economics account and it also forwards you to Paypal to make your payment.



Step 6: 

You are now at the Paypal gateway. Paypal gives you two options. The first is to sign in to your Paypal account and pay with Paypal. The second option is for those without paypal accounts who want to pay by credit card. The blue link “Don’t have a Paypal account” should be clicked to continue. It is circled with red in the image below.



Step 7:

To continue making your payment, fill out the fields requested. This allows you to select a credit card and set up a user account with Paypal. There is no obligation to use Paypal after this, it is just part of a security measure on their part to process your credit card. The account you create here is NOT the same as the user account you created for Caveman Economics in step 5. Fill out all the information and then click the “Agree and Continue” button at the bottom of the page. It is circled in red in the image below.



And that’s it! You have just completed your purchase of a year-long subscription to Caveman Economics! This includes the monthly newsletter, a copy of Don’s book, and access to the Philosopher’s Corner.

If you had an issue with your purchase and need help or are looking for an alternative method of payment, please contact Don directly. Thank you!