The simple truth is not simplistic.

In spite of modern attempts to relegate “economics” to a science with charts, tables, graphs, and statistical/econometric models, we cannot escape that economics is a “social science” and as such our mores, ideals and culture shape our economic decisions. If you like thinking about such things, consider reading Common Sense Economics and Environmental Basics or The Nature of Profit.

Although I am sure you will like the articles, I am more excited about a story I wish to tell. It is the story of a fellow named “Condor” who I came to know while writing the book. Condor was a caveman who lived about 6,000 years ago. Condor was part of a small community of 32 people. Condor was the only person that had a cave. The rest of the community lived on the plains near the cave. By living in a cave, he did not have to spend the time that his neighbors had to spend building teepees. After he hunted and gathered berries and gathered wood for his fire, he had a little bit of time left before we went to sleep that others had to spend building and maintaining shelter. Condor took advantage of his spare time and invented the HAFTED AXE. His action forever changed his life and the lives of those in his community. If you are interested in his story and the lessons it has for all of us, you can travel with me through the mists of time by purchasing my newsletter.

Caveman SampleCondor allows us to unravel the complexities of our money economy by going back to understand how economic growth began —-how the taming of fire and a sacrifice of leisure allowed mankind to escape the vagaries of Nature —and launched the human experience into an economic state far different from that of any other animal. Condor and his community also came to understand the importance of sustaining Mother Nature —since she is the source of all economic wealth. As a consumer or producer, I think you will find Condor’s story interesting.  Each monthly newsletter will gradually unfold the amazing things he explained to me.

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