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About Me

Donald E. “Don” Garretson

Don GarretsonDon is currently enjoying being a college and university instructor.  Mr. Garretson works for Xcel Energy as a pricing consultant for new product initiatives concerning conservation, renewable energy, intelligent electrical networks (“Smart Grid”) and distributed generation and has recently authored: “The Economic Implications of CO2 Emissions Management”, and “The Sustainable Production of Electricity – a Business Analysis”. Don has served as a guest speaker on energy issues, and was one of the panelists on a recent Energy Forum conducted by the Colorado Independence Institute. In 2013, Don received Master of Arts degree, summa cum laude, from Regis University, with a specialization in the economics of global sustainability.

Previously, Don has served as Vice President of Business Development, Sales and Product Marketing for both large and emerging Companies. He has opened markets both domestically and internationally for eBusiness, IP and Telecom Products. He has created and executed business plans for raising funds and creating new strategic directions for companies, and rolled out sales forces for start-ups, emerging companies, and for large companies in new markets.

As an individual contributor, Don is a business economist, and a subject matter expert in product/product portfolio costing, pricing and market segmentation, particularly for complex LOB and product structures.

Working at the “C” and Board of Directors level, and with technical experts and customer facing organizations, Don has provided strategic leadership for many companies faced with complex business environments. Don has helped companies deal with down sizing, right sizing, and restructuring and the associated change management to emerge successfully.

Don has a strong commitment to ethics, both personally and in business, particularly with regard to HR policies and the importance of trust, commitment and honesty regarding the unwritten social contract that exists between businesses, their employees and society.

Following his graduation from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. in Economics, Don served as an officer in the US Army. After retiring his commission to pursue doctoral studies in economics at the University of Washington, Don began his civilian career as a major subcontract negotiator for the Boeing Company. Don’s career includes several years with AT&T and the Bell Operating Companies where he served as a costing and pricing expert and sales executive prior to employing his skills with emerging companies.

Don is active in Rotary International and previously served on New Hampshire Governor Shaheen’s Telecommunications Planning & Development Advisory Committee.

This website: provides meaningful information to anyone seeking to understand the current issues surrounding worldwide economic, environmental and societal sustainability.